Lucid: Creative Problem Solving

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A Good Tutorial


Editing Lucid was a real challange. Our setbacks with shooting resulted in footage looked rushed due to a lack of planning beforehand. I don’t think I’ve ever had to work so hard with an edit.

The majority of the shots were lit poorly and were rarely consitant throughout. This limited my options to what I could do structurally, and when working with Jess on the sound. For example, we were discussing how he wanted to have a motif running throughout the Renley/Tobias dialogue scene, a sound to signify the building of tension within Renley. During the scene Renley turns away from Tobias and cleans his glasses, so I suggested using that. However when I checked the footage they’d shot, all of the C/S’s of the glasses beeing cleaned were too dark to use.

This inhibited what we could do with the scene, as we needed that C/S to establish what…

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A Video Editing Panel Setup

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A Video Editing Panel Setup

Editing Panel at NahidRains Pictures

“Jokes” Apart

February 21, 2011 § 8 Comments

JokesIt’s been almost 4 months I have posted anything in my Blog. II was a regular blogger before and now, I don’t really write that much. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write, it is actually something like, I have too many things to write and I can’t decide what should I write about. Anyways, I think its good to be back online again with my lousy blog post.

Has anyone here been a “Joke” of life? If any, then can you tell me how does it feel when you know that you are a JOKE? You are not really getting what I am saying init? Smile I know it is.

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Few tricks to recognize cheaters

November 28, 2010 § 5 Comments


In our life, we meet a lot of new people on everyday basis. People cones and go in our life. Some people make our life a blessing and some makes it a curse. We often end up with a line “God, I couldn’t realize you can be like this”. So, often make mistakes to realize the type of the person we are meeting. In this world, most of the people become very good actor and actress already. They are so expert that sometimes it is so hard to understand what is real and what is fake. So, I have come up with few tricks and tips to recognize & avoid  these cheaters so that we can at least guess what sort of persons they are.

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Good Morning NahidRains!

November 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

Good Morning Sunshine traditionalVery weird title for a blog entry init? Actually, this morning I woke very early. And I was thinking what to do. Then I just realized it is actually a new day for me. I have left a lot of things behind and trying to forget them though I am not able to at all. But still, it’s a new day with old memories and old pains I guess.

Just thinking, 4-5 months back how it was. How was my life and all that. And every time when I think about it, it’s really makes me pissed and angry. You guys must be thinking what happened at that time. Well, nothing special, the usual craps  guess. But in the last 10-months I have been going through so many stuffs.

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The Lines of my Life

November 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

NahidRainsToday, I am going write something unusual. What is it? Actually, these are some lines. Some lines from my life, from my heart, from the softest corner of my mind. These are the lines that were created by me in different situation of my life. So lets get started and don’t get bored please. 🙂

  1. My life has become very cheap but my survival became very expensive. Now my back is aligning to the wall and I can’t go back any further. The only way I can proceed is to go forward.

  2. It’s not how I wanted,
    It’s not how it went blasted,
    It’s not the way you fabricated,
    It’s not the way I celebrated.

    Time went far, so are we.
    But still I ask myself “How are you Nahid?”

  3. You dare to look into my eyes. Because you know you are going to be burn. But you are welcome to see through my eyes

  4. Sometimes, our life is a sum of untold scaffol of hideous emotion. Sometimes the delightful entry of some people brighten our life but sometimes those people make our belief fragile. We get wounded. This wound fades away in times but the scar never goes away. And for me every time I see the scar, I hate it & I hate them. And I might never stop hating them. And my hate often bring disaster

  5. It’s not the way we are, it’s the way we want to be. It’s not always the thing we see, but it’s always about the things we are going to see.

  6. Every morning I lie on your footsteps. Every breath I am with your soul. You every move, moves me on. Your every steps, step me forward. What I am? = I am the Shadow.

  7. I am a flash that holds your breath, I am a wind that blows your dream, I am a magic that makes you stunned but I am a soul that derives your spirit. Be cautious because I am invisible.

  8. I am a fire that burns inside you. I am in iceburg that melts inside you. I am a fear that beats inside you but I am a sun that brighten inside you.

  9. Burning to the ashes of fear, rolling to the dilemma of fortune, I say, you will be chased until you are stopped running.

  10. I am not who I am, I am not what you see, I am not what you hear; but, inside you, I am like an unconsolidated fear! Be Cautious! Because I am unpredictable.

I am Back to Blog Again!

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Hellow Everyone! I am back again for blogging after a long long long and really long time. It’s been almost more than a year since I last posted any entry in my wordpress blog. But now, I am back again. :). And I hope this time I will not be vanished again.

So, What’s up about me! Well, Let me tell you, I got a lot of stories to tell and as usual, my life has been really with a lot of ups & downs, so many things happened and so many…what can I say!

When I posted my last entry I was in Melbourne Australia, and now I am in Bangladesh right after one year. And in between so many places, so many incidents. This world showed me so many things and taught a lot of lessons as usual. I have always been the best student for the nature because this mother nature been giving me a lot of lessons since quite long time than other people!

But the good things is, I am Back! and this time I promise there will be some new departments in my blog like my photography, my venography, my projects and yes, probably my song as well but about song I am not so sure.

So, keep in touch and have fun! You will be updated in my blog regularly. and yes I still have that Youtube channel ( and also the NahidRaiins fan page.

Stay Tuned! and see you soon!

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