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A Good Tutorial


Editing Lucid was a real challange. Our setbacks with shooting resulted in footage looked rushed due to a lack of planning beforehand. I don’t think I’ve ever had to work so hard with an edit.

The majority of the shots were lit poorly and were rarely consitant throughout. This limited my options to what I could do structurally, and when working with Jess on the sound. For example, we were discussing how he wanted to have a motif running throughout the Renley/Tobias dialogue scene, a sound to signify the building of tension within Renley. During the scene Renley turns away from Tobias and cleans his glasses, so I suggested using that. However when I checked the footage they’d shot, all of the C/S’s of the glasses beeing cleaned were too dark to use.

This inhibited what we could do with the scene, as we needed that C/S to establish what…

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A Video Editing Panel Setup

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A Video Editing Panel Setup

Editing Panel at NahidRains Pictures

I am Back to Blog Again!

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Hellow Everyone! I am back again for blogging after a long long long and really long time. It’s been almost more than a year since I last posted any entry in my wordpress blog. But now, I am back again. :). And I hope this time I will not be vanished again.

So, What’s up about me! Well, Let me tell you, I got a lot of stories to tell and as usual, my life has been really with a lot of ups & downs, so many things happened and so many…what can I say!

When I posted my last entry I was in Melbourne Australia, and now I am in Bangladesh right after one year. And in between so many places, so many incidents. This world showed me so many things and taught a lot of lessons as usual. I have always been the best student for the nature because this mother nature been giving me a lot of lessons since quite long time than other people!

But the good things is, I am Back! and this time I promise there will be some new departments in my blog like my photography, my venography, my projects and yes, probably my song as well but about song I am not so sure.

So, keep in touch and have fun! You will be updated in my blog regularly. and yes I still have that Youtube channel ( and also the NahidRaiins fan page.

Stay Tuned! and see you soon!

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The Biggest Truth

My Official Blog

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Hi Guys! I have got my own Official Bloggin Site at From now onwards, all my posts will be published there.

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Melbourne – The Magnificent

Brought to you by NahidRains

Paranoid by the Game of the World

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SONY DSCA dark and very cold night, an empty street, a broken street lamp, a lonely passer-by & the noise of his shoes hitting the footpath – a person who is paranoid by the game of the world. What has happened to him? Why he is so quiet? Why he doesn’t talk to anybody? Why all the people around him saying when looking into his eyes that he got something to say. Why nobody understand him?

We, humans, are always on a path – the path of life. But the color of the path varies from person to person. Some people got colorful path with beautiful flowers, some people got grasses along side, some people got mountains and hills to climb and some people got blood and shades and war on their path. But nobody can cross this path alone.

When we are going through this path, we meet new people that promises us to be with us while travelling on it. They often promise that they will accompany us in every kind of situation and in every kind of path. But, how many of them keep their promises? Why most of the people leave us in the halfway until the path is smooth and clean and then when it gets dirty and painful, why they tend to move away? They they give up? What kind of practices is this? If they want to do it then why do the make those fake promises in the beginning? Why promises are so lame now a days? I have got a lot of questions as usual but this time I will answer my questions myself. yes, I am waiting for those answers and time is going to give me the answers.  (to be continued in part 2…..)

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