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NRP Film City: Proposed Location (Land Aquired)

June 1, 2012 § 1 Comment

NRP Film City Proposed Location


Hey Guys! This is an exciting news to share with you guys because, right now, NRP is actually on the way to open its own Film City in Bangladesh which will be named as NRP Film City with all types of Filming Facilities including outdoor studios and dummys, indoor studios, warehouses, lighting gears and equipments, Camera Gears, Track, Dolly, Spider etc, 24 Hour Internal Power Sources, Lakes, Dormitory, Accommodation, Holiday Resort, Restaurant and Departmental Store. It’s just 30 Km South-West of Chittagong and not so far from Natural Beach and Karnafully River. The area is completely covered by Hills and Trakcs, Woods, Millions of Trees, Ponds and Fountains and also Flat Lands. The land has already been aquired (65 Acres). We are going to make studios and dummies of building, roads and some monuments etc. This is going to be big… a huge dream. A Dream that Bangladeshi Film Industry needed for a really long time. Here are the images of the location.

Apple Mac Setup for FCS

May 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi guys! Recently I received a lot of email-request to share the images of the Mac Setup of my new Office. I have uploaded these images in my fan page lately but a lot of you guys culdn’t follow that. So, now, I am uploading them again here for you. Let us know your comments and thoughts and any question if you want to ask.

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