About NahidRains

imageNahid Helal is actually NahidRains’s real name. Somehow Nahid Helal became widely famous as NahidRains because of his Rains Pictures & Production companies. Internationally NahidRains is the name people look for to find Rains Pictures’ productions.
NahidRains started his career as a Civil Engineer. Basically, he studied Civil Engineering in Australia and later when he finished his graduation, he actually the new pathway of Filming world. Film-making & Cinematography has been his serious passion since he was young and he has been involved to this industry since he was 18 years old. Now, he became a Creative Director who ha been going to film festivals, awards and the rest.

imageNahid’s ancestors are Bangladeshi originated. NahidRains is the first creative director who introduced High Definition technologies and special effects in Bangladeshi Creative Media 4 years ago through YouTube but it made him quite popular among the Bangladeshi audiences. Moreover, NahidRais is mostly famous in the International market specially Australian, Taiwanese & Korean Media. He also successfully entered in the imageEntertainment market in Europe and USA as well with his creative productions. Even he was successful enough in the international media as a celebrity, actor & creative director, still he has been keeping an intension to enter in Bangladeshi Media market and introduce all the latest technologies, tips and way of filming and productions. According to him, right now Bangladeshi Media is something like an expensive fruit without fertilizer. Means, the fruit can be amazing in taste but it needs some fertilizer to make it better. Bangladeshi people loves creativity but at the moment the Bangladeshi Media market so polluted. People make music videos imagewith 1000 BD TAKA (US$ 20.00) for TV channels. They make a 1 episode drama by completing the filming process in 24 hour to save money. They hardly do a good edit rather people call it a “RAW” edit. The existing directors hardly got any sense or any knowledge of Color Grading or Directorship of Photography and Special Effect is something that is completely missing from Bangladeshi Media Market. So, NahidRains wants to introduce all these techniques to Bangladeshi Media market and that way he wants to change the usual test of Filming & Cinematography in Bangladesh.
imageRecently he released a promotional video called ‘NahidRains bringing you the Future” which was specially made for Bangladeshi Media Market. Last year same sort of thing was released for Australian Market.

imageNahidRains aims to make the Bangladeshi Media Industry one of the Smartest Media Industry in the World. The way of Bangladeshi Media is at the moment is not likely to be changed if the Creative and Young Generation don’t put their hands in – that’s what NahidRains believe and he doesn’t mind investing time & money if things can get better by his work


§ 2 Responses to About NahidRains

  • Pinky says:

    Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. U r such a cuty!

  • Osomapto SoUrAv says:

    নাহিড্রেইন্স ভায়া, এত্ত কাবজাবের কি দরকার?
    নোবেল কর্তৃপক্ষের বাড়িতে একটা এটম বম
    ফাটায়া আপ্নেরটা নিয়ায় পরেন।
    আমরা আছি আপ্নের সাথে।

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