How to Upgrade for the Max-powered Video Editing Panel

June 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Finally, I am coming with some video tutorials for you guy! A lot of film professionals use Apple Computers for their Editing System. Today I am going to show a brief tutorial about setting a max-powered video editing system with an Apple Mac Pro (early 2009). I am extremely sorry if the Tutorial is of no use for anyone. so, lets play the video and let me know how you like it. Also put your valuable comments and your opinion as well. I would also like to know from you guys about what should be me Next Film Making / Editing Tutorial. If I know it, then I will make it based in your Interest! But just to let you know, I am making these tutorials as fast as I can and not really looking at the detail so, if you come up with some spelling mistake or any error, don’t get mad please as I hardly get the time to make all these. And also, there is a problem with the audio level, so, you might need to

Things we use:

8 X 4GB of SD DDR3 1033 Mhz Memory Modules
A Sapphire Radeon 5000 Series Graphics Card (The one I used in the video is 5570)
A Radeon 6870 Graphics Card
A Firewire Hard Drive (1TB / 2TB )
An M-Audio Recording Mic
M-Audio External Soundcard
Final Cut Keyboard Skin
Apple Cinema Display 30″
Apple Cinema Display 24″
BENQ LED LCD Monitor 24″
BENQ 3D / HD Projector
Mini-DVI-VGA Adapter
A good Keyboard for creating sound.



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