Digital Film: A way that could bring the radical change in film industry

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A NahidRains Pictures Film Editing Lab in Dhaka

A NahidRains Pictures Film Editing Lab in Dhaka

Making real film has been an almost impossible dream for a lot of independent film makers around the world and specially the Asian side of the world. It is always too hard to manage the finance to make a film in the proper way like having a 35mm camera and the post-production unit or maintaining a highly professional team consisting Assistant directors, writers, editors, colorists, art-directors or even making the perfect set for your production. I always like to call myself an independent film-maker and I struggle a lot even to make independent films! Specially, now I am in Bangladesh, its a ‘too hard’ job to do. Major problems in making a good film is actually a long list of staffs that no one can deny. Staffs like LACK OF CREATIVE PEOPLE, skilled editors or colorist, a cinematographer with proper photographic sense and knowledge and specially the lack of knowledge about this media. As I have mentioned earlier in my many post, in Bangladesh, anyone with a camper in their mobile phone becomes a “FILM MAKER” but that should not be the way. I am not talking about hard core degrees to be a film maker but some staffs are really needed to be known to those who is willing to become a film-maker or close to that to earn their livings in Bangladesh. Here in Bangladesh, you will see obstacles in almost every part when you try to make some video production. No matter it is a Film or a 1 minute TVC or a music video. The makers are always trying to follow the same trend of someone’s earlier work which seemed to be working for a limited time and then later no more. This is the absolute problem here in the creative industry which is we call “COPY-Paste”. And also making the same types of things over and over again and not trying anything else in fear of “Whether the Audience might not like it”. But the real thing is, when you see a different food on the plate which looks delicious and gorgeous, you will definitely give it a try inspire of consuming a Bread with butter on everyday basis. In the same way, the makers must give the audience something brand new, something with different taste. I often hear in the TV Interviews or some other programs or newspapers that the Film-Makers or Drama Makers are saying “This time I made a completely different thing and I am sure people will love it”. But funny thing is, it comes to be the same with just different dress and locations! The same thing is also happening with the Artist in this country as well. The artists are always acting in the same kind of role and they can’t even come out from that dilemma. Like a relatively known actor of Bangladesh called “Mosharraf Karim”. He is always doing the same thing over and over again in all the drama serials or telefilms he is acting and trying to bring out some same character which is very funny. And also, the same artists are always seen on the TV almost each drama or serials or telefilms or Films! I mean why it is like that? Why they just can’t hire or introduce different artist, some fresh new face! Why they always need to stick with the same old artists over and over again. Most of then doesn’t even know the art of Acting. I can challenge it even! Give them a nicely written script with a lot of expression and they will definitely fail at the end of the day and that’s what my experience says!

The newcomers in this film industry should change their taste and should risk or should create some new trend otherwise they will also fall apart like it always been happening! So, I have got some ideas for the new comers. It could be some startups or it could be all bull shitt but this is what i believe and this is what I am doing all the time!

Think Digital! This is the only advice I can give to all the new comers in the industry. But what it means? Using digital motion cameras or DSLRS or Linear Editing techs? Not at all! This is actually a huge arena of film making but quite a very possible one to execute. “Think Digital” means everything to be digital. Having a DSLR camera or a RED One won’t just change the thing. You need to think digitally from the scratch. Like pre-production, planning, filming, post-productions, marketing, output and another things that is related to make any kind of entertainment video production. Make a database of your artists, make a database or a table chart for your shot-division, use perfect timing and digital combination of timing while framing a shot, calculate your screen time, make your editing plan while shooting, ask some one in your production to enter data into an EXCEL sheet while shooting, get the specific time in and out time typed in the laptop, use a Digital Sketch pad for story boarding, even use those 3d Softwares and follow that plan, have a very good script and be strict to follow the script. If you are the Director, then make sure you are the boss in the production and make sure everyone listens to you exactly what you say even your Artist no matter how as he is as a Star. Never give a damn to them at all. Stricly follow your plan and don’t change your story idea 2 minutes before your shooting. Plan your shot before you go to shoot, make your frame, make it as clean as possible. Think about what sort of cinematographic creativity you want. Think about the framing of the scene. Use shallow depth of field, use some prime lenses. Think about the color of your production and combine color. Keep and eye on the costumes. Don’t just use and tripod and do “tilting” all the time rather than take the camera on your hand and take handheld shot. Try to be stabilized and practice it a lit. Try to get some gears like steady cam or strong camera grips. Use mini-Jivs jiv-arm for the movement. Try to make every shot a master piece. Think about the way of editing while you are actually filming. Think about the color-grading you want to get in the output.

While editing, do it perfectly. Use native codecs and high-resolution video clips in editing. Use powerful panels to make it right. Don’t just use too much plug-ins effect to make your video a “Weird” rather use the camera-work to highlight. Keep it simple and minimal but gorgeous. Use the professional software rather than using some easy software to edit. Take your time in Editing and make it the perfect settings. While editing, I have a suggestion to make, it works for me as well, that is, segment your script in different parts and work on each part separately. Think about what transition you need. Sometimes transitions could change the meaning of a scene. So think about it! Try to use many different angles of the camera and while shooting, use at least 2 -3 cameras and make sure all the clips are of the same quality. Do a perfect color-grading with Apple Color or DaVinci Resolve or other professional grading tools. DO NOT JUST USE SOME PLUGINS like Magic Bullet or FIlm Look cause remember, thousands of other people are doing the same and you will just get the same kind of output what other ordinary people can get. Find a very professional Editing and Color Grading house to do that for you if you can’t do it and trust me it worths! It’s not that we are a Film Company and we do a lot of Film-Making and Color Grading but it is true! A proper cinematography even with a DSLR with some good techniques and color-grading can make the look of your production totally upside down and it definitely makes the production more alluring and high-profile and makes the difference.

Chose your story carefully. Think about the stories that no one thinks off. currently, all the Bangladeshi media playing almost the same thing or copy of what India has on their TV Channels but it shouldn’t be like that. Bring out some real smart thoughts on it. It doesn’t have to be expensive but think smartly. Don’t just make those rubbish what we are watching on the TV presently. Make elegant staffs!

Chose your actor and actress carefully. Chose the HERO who is a HERO in looks and activities. Don’t just chose everything. Try to bring out the acting skills inside them. Remember, it’s a visual media, so, here, most of the audience love to see what is good to see. That’s why around the world all the Actor and Actress are very smart, good looking and with dashing personality and the philosophy behind it, is, definitely, we humans, always like to see beautiful, good looking staffs specially on our TV set. These staffs can really change our Film industry radically.

If you have the thoughts and creativity in your mind, and if you are smart enough, you will never need to follow the running trend which has proven to be wrong in Bangladeshi Media Industry. Target your audience and make something that people can always remember. Don’t get lost in a midst of those ordinary makers who is playing around the media industry currently. My bet is, it’s gonna change and it will. We just have to change the taste of the Audience and to do that, you definitely need to offer something completely new, brand new.

NahidRains Pictures aims to build up such a trend, a bran new trend in Bangladesh and we are quite determined to do it no matter whatever it takes. And we want people on board of NRP who is willing to change. I would say “Try Us and see what we have to offer you”. This industry is about to change pretty soon with NahidRains Pictures and we are going to clean the mess of this media industry completely by wiping out the current rubbish. We have some great new food that nobody has offered and nobody will offer in the next few years. We are always developing new ‘food’ for the coming years as well. So, stay tunes, because, we are never giving up on what we are trying to do.

Article Originally written by
Nahid Helal [NahidRains]
NahidRains Pictures


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