A Rotten Apple: Bangladeshi Media Industry

May 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

Media and Entertainment; these two words sound very colorful indeed! It is actually a colorful world from the outside in any country of the world. But what are the ingredients of Bangladeshi Media Industry? This is quite a matter of thought I believe. Many people have many different kind of observation on the Bangladeshi Media Industry. My observation on Media here in Bangladesh comes up with a phrase THE ROTTEN APPLE.

The Media

The Media

When I go through the Bangladeshi TV Channels and look for something entertaining, I often get embarrassed with those Programs. I feel like they are so TOYISH! No quality, no concept and absolutely no knowledge of what are they doing! I often get surprised how come they even get the chance to be broadcasted with that standard! The makers or the actors or the camera works or post-production… its just hard to even imagine that something like that can be broadcasted!
What is happening inside the Media in Bangladesh then? For this industry, I have a theory that I depicted when I first came to Bangladesh. It was like Anyone who has a camera in the Mobile Phone is a Film-Maker or anyone can flash up a camera or saw a camera here is a Film-Maker in Bangladesh. I heard people who were actually weed-smokers in Bangladesh became the Heart of The Media and became some kind of AWARD Winning director or film-maker in BD? And those awards, this is very questionable about those Awards in Bangladesh and also the Judges as well. I think they are also living on WEED I believe. One brother can easily detect another brother I guess!
Looking at the TV Media here in BD, its really funny to see the same faces in each Drama or Mega Serials or Telefilm and in the same type of Characters. They cant even get out from that dilemma at all! But yeah, they call them celebrities! And how about those maker! They are even worse! No quality maintaining, no knowledge on making, no camera sense. no camera technical skills on post-production facilities, no scripting and the core thing.. THE CONCEPT is always missing. Sometimes, I dont understand one thing whether they are fooling the Audience or the Audience are already fool! And I dont think so Audiences of Bangladesh are fool and I believe in fact, they are much more smarter than others because of having easy access to International Satellite Channels around the world.
I heard that, in this media, any girl who is willing to go to bed with a Director or a Producer can be a very good actress within short-time. This is also very applicable to Modeling, Ramping, TVC or Films! And I wonder how come those BD Girls became that cheap and those directors as well!. Actors here are already very cheap and they even becoming cheaper everyday by the demotion of their ill character and Short-Cut way of becoming famous. And these stuffs are just making the Media Industry worse than ever.

Sometimes, when I just go through some list, I find like almost everyone around is making either a drama or a meg-serial or even film! But what are they actually making! Why they are making and how come the TV Channels are broadcasting it? Shouldnt they put some standard for this? I think these people are just raping the Media Industry in the worst possible way they can.
Another very easy-to-get thing in this media industry are the FRAUDS and FAKES. These people are just simply faking their existence all around, trying to become the controller of the media industry and try to act such that hey are the MAKER of the heaven with all the knowledge and skills and winning OSCAR everyday if they want. But these people deserves a hard slaps on the face. And this media industry is just full of these bloody losers.
It is true that, once in a while we see some gorgeous production and mostly they are TV-Commercials where the major ideas come from either the Marketing team or the Strategy department but those are just the 5% of the whole TV-Commercial industry and TVC makers are not really film-makers! Put them in Film-Making and you will see, they will just simply screw up. Same thing happening to the Music Industry even! The musicians have been shouting for the Piracy thing in Bangladesh, but even the musicians are the greatest pirates. At least 95% of them are bloody pirates copying the music from Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Chinese Music and keep saying Its a creative work. These disgusting CREATIVE people are often get caught and being embarrassed all the time. Using some Software Effect and Auto-Tune Service of various musical tools and software, these people becoming Singer and Musicians but ask them to make something Unique and i think may be, only 5% of them will be able to do that and the rest, you can throw them into the bin.
It is already very hillarious widely about some recent movies thats been released like Khoj The Search or The Speed or Third Person Singular Number or Lal Tip. I never oven imagined to watch those movies but i saw few of the trailers like Khoj or The Speed and it made me feel funny or like a Bad joke of the Day!. The actions, the sequence, the actor or actress, their movement, body-language, the music, the dance… were just yuck! I felt like slapping them not even using my hand, probably using my shoes and truest me, this is just the reaction of so many people! The actor of the movie THE SPEED once told the newspaper while he was being asked Why did you become an actor? and he (Jolonto Jalil .. oops… Ananta Jalil) replied, In our country, we dont have highly standard actors like Hollywood or Bollywood and this is why, to fill that gap in Bangladeshi Film, I started acting.Now, my dear reader, what are feel like doing right now? Cry or Smile? Or feel like spitting on that face? I feel like throwing out actually.
Now-day-days, when I check on the social networks, I find everyone is making fun of some certain singer. I wont expose the name here but I am sure you guys already know the female singer I am talking about. These YOUNG lady confuses me whether she sings or screams but spending a lot of money behind the music videos -gt; the music videos..lolz, they are just first person singing standing in-front of the cameras, moving her hand left and right and showing that every hour on the TV Channels or one particular TV Channel. I have my sympathy for her because she is trying so hard but not getting there at all.
I have a lot of media guys came in to my office since I opened my Dhaka office and everyone seemed very interested about my service that I offer and the technology but it is frustrating to share now that, 80% of them became FRAUDS and IDIOTS but they are actually working in the Streamline Media of Bangladesh. Their knowledge about filming and media and the technologies is so poor that its too frustrating to talk deal with them about any kind of project. And also, these people will talk to you about so many projects and give you some cream on top of it but end of the day, they will just use you the way they can and get faded. But, eventually they have big mouth so most of the time, they get away with it.
Now, NahidRains Pictures [NRP] is actually in the process of showing the middle finger to the existing media industry and we already started calling NAHIDRAINS PICTURES or NRP is a industry itself by their own. NRP will be trying their hard to make their own standard and working exclussively in isolation from the existing media industry but with the huge investment with international standard as NRP already had the highest investment in the Film amp; Production setup and technologies. We want the help of the Audience and we do not at all need any help from the media industry. We will have our own loyal audience and may be, its not impossible, in near future, we will have our own TV Channels or Theaters to broadcast our own work. Whoever wants to participate in this race, they are welcome!


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