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May 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

How long I have been away from blogging? I think it’s quite long. May be I had some little post about this and that but real life-blogging… I have been away for so long! Actually I wasn’t feel like writing anything rather I would say now I didn’t have too much to write about. So, what’s in my box? I think it’s still empty.

The reason I started blogging was something like searching the meaning of existence but although I was never successful. Although, now, blogging can initiate a war or activism but my blogging, I think it s**ks big time. Being away for so many months or years, there has has been lots happening. Changing cities, initiating new projects, new lifestyles, new office, actually new office twice and so many things with human ups and downs. Every night, just before I go to bed (though I don’t sleep) I always think about writing something but alas! it never ends up with my keyboard!

So, how you been guys? How you been doing? This is something I would like to ask now. I have been planning to make a Short-Film since quite long, almost like year and guess what, I didn’t really make any good-short-film in the past 8 months I guess. But this time I thinking of some unusual story. I mean the story is unusual to me at least. But it will be universal. Probably it’s going to be about the world and the current situation. I have been raising funds for that as well cuz its sounds like it is going to be a bit expensive one. But i really wanna make it. I can’t share the story write now cuz the story is still scattered inside my brain. But surely it will be all about us, all about you an all about the human negativity. Probably this time, I will introduce an Angel in the film. But lets see how it goes though. There is another story slowly developing in my brain with the help of my Business Secretary and GF but somehow I loved that Idea. It’s about a girl and a boy and their unrealistic relationship. It mostly about the unconscious mind of the girl which later becomes very conscious.

Anyways, from today onwards, I have decided I will be back to blogging once again on a regular basis or at least I will upload an image to share for you guys. So don’t get annoyed on me about not updating my blog at all.

Will see you soon again in the next post. Until then ADIOS!


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