Windows Phone 7 -HTC HD7: Tech Review & Secrets / Hidden Features

April 2, 2011 § 11 Comments

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Hey, I think this post of mine is not really my cup of tea but recently I purchased a new cell phone HTC HD7 with Windows Phone 7 OS. And Since I bought it, I have been quite busy with it pulling out the features and the secrets and also the problems and bugs for this gadget. So far I have come up with some kinda information so that I can write about it. And please, keep in mind that I am not a “TECH” guy so my review might be very funny for some people.

I will be discussing here about few things on this product:

  1. The Overall Design, Look & Feel.
  2. Hacking HTC HD 7 by upgrading its Storage from 8GB to 32 GB.
  3. Few Secret Codes of HTC HD 7.
  4. Android on HTC HD 7

Please Click the link below to read the full article.


Being likened to the HTC Desire HD is for the most part a good thing in our eyes, and when we set eyes on the HTC HD7, we were hopeful. Its big fascia, curved, smooth back, solid look and feel all come together nicely. You may recall our niggle with the HTC Desire HD lay with the battery cover and card cover being  fiddly, this is remedied with the HTC HD7, which adopts a more traditional battery cover on the back. Other than the shiny new phone, inside the box, you’ll also find a microUSB connector, a mains charger in-which the USB cable plugs in, headphones, foam ear pieces and a range of pamphlets on the topic of your new phone. Our HTC HD7 has 16GB of memory on board with no option for expanding memory (despite there being a microSD card slot under the non-removable back panel).

HTC HD7 ReviewHTC HD7 ReviewHTC HD7 Review

The big fascia, curved, smooth back, solid look and feel of the HTC HD7 all come together nicely

HTC HD7 Review

You can compare the HTC HD7 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.
The HTC HD7 is a very recognizable sibling of the Desire HD and EVO 4G, largely due to the screen. Delivering very similar results at the same 480×800 resolution, the Super LCD display gets the same positive remarks – big, bright and ultimately, a real eye popper. On the downside, it’s also slightly dull when compared to a Super AMOLEDs, with blacks on it looking a dark shade of grey and colours lacking that AMOLED saturation people just can’t seem to get enough of. Standalone, needless to say, it’s a real pleasure to use.

HTC HD7 ReviewHTC HD7 ReviewHTC HD7 Review

The 4.3” Super LCD display is  a real eye popper

The two recessed metal grills at the top and bottom of the fascia attract a lot of dust and dirt

The fascia and in call speaker are encased in a finger print loving chrome frame that lavishes all sides of the handset. There are two recessed metal grills at the top and bottom of the fascia. While these look like stereo speakers (we should be so lucky), the bottom grill is decorative while the top provides a place for the in call speaker and light sensor. These may be attractive design elements that do a decent job of framing the screen, however soon become a deposit for dust and dirt.  What’s worse is that they are a pain to clean being so recessed. We much prefer the HTC Desire HD’s smaller single grill up top. The fascia itself plays host to the screen and three capacitive buttons below. Unlike on the HTC Desire HD, we did find ourselves accidentally pressing these occasionally. To the left is the volume rocker and two stage camera button, both being chromed, on top is the power button and jump down to the bottom and you’ll find the microUSB port, the 3.5mm headphone jack and the in-call mic. Flip over the HTC HD7 and on the back you’ll find the 5MP camera with dual LED flash and a loud speaker. One element that HTC have resurrected from their EVO 4G which lay absent on the Desire HD is a flip out kick stand, though on the HD7, it subtly frames the camera on the top half unlike on the EVO 4G, which kicked out from the bottom half. As mentioned earlier, the battery cover panel secures on the back part of the phone along the top half and does a fine job of this. It is plastic, but is matted with a gun metal finish, and feels good to the touch.

HTC HD7 ReviewHTC HD7 ReviewHTC HD7 Review



HTC HD7 ReviewHTC HD7 ReviewHTC HD7 Review

The sides of the HTC HD

HTC HD7 Review

The flip out kick stand

Overall, the phone is a good size with a nice even weighting behind it. Despite its plastic construction, it feels pretty solid, with our biggest gripe being the grills above and below the screen and their propensity to attract dust. Despite the large form factor, it fits comfortably in the pocket and hand, and doesn’t feel like a brick when held against the ear.

HTC HD7 ReviewHTC HD7 Review

The Hidden Features & Secret Codes:

Upgrading HTC HD 7 Storage / Memory (16 GB / 32 GB Micro SD)

If you think your HTC HD7 is too short with his 8 GB memory, here is a detailed tutorial on how to give it a little boost to 32 GB ! Here is, step by step, how to do it. You can clic on photos to get them in high res…
WARNING : this tutorial needs you to open your smartphone completely, and may unvalidate your warranty. If you upgrade your HD7, you do it at your own risk !!
Read this tutorial entirely before begining anything.
!!! This memory change will completely erase the content of your phone. Backup it before !!

You will need the following tools :
– A HTC HD7 (yeah, easy…)
– A Sandisk MicroSD 32 GB Card “Class 2” : warning !! The Class 4 cards are not compatible !!!! Neither the Kingston or other brands. The Sandisk Class 2 is the only model that works at this day !!!
– A Torx screwdriver – Size : 0.4
– A little plastic card, like a fidelity card (little size)
– Tweezers
– A piece of paper

Remove the battery cover, the battery itself, and you SIM card :

Now, you need to remove the bottom cover. To do this, insert the plastic card inside, and pull upside gently. It will be a little hard, just do it quietly until it “clics”. Do the same on the other side, and finish removing the cover :

Take the screwdriver. At minimum, you will need to remove the 3 screws marked by red arrows. Personaly, I remove the 3 screws marked by the green arrows too for more confort. One of the screws is hidden by a VOID sticker (which unvalidates the warranty if you remove it). Either you don’t remove this sticker, the other black screws will scratched by the screwdriver, and you will lose warranty in all cases.

Now, pull the plastic framework upside with your finger, to get access to the MicroSD card reader :

The MicroSD card is protected by a “metallic” sticker. Unstick it, and tear it below the plastic framework. You cannot remove it completely :

If you don’t want to be annoyed by this sticker, place your piece of paper on it. Now push the memory card in his reader with the tweezers : you will here a clic. Release, the card will be ejected :

Take the MicroSD card with the tweezers, and remove it :

There you are. Now insert your brand new memory card, and reassemble your phone following the previous steps.
Once your phone is reassembled, put your SIM card, the battery, and close the cover.
To turn it on, push the two volume buttons, and keep them pushed while pressing the Power button :

Keep the volume buttons pressed until you see this message :

Press the Down Volume button to confirm the Hard reset :

Press again the Down Volume button to restart the phone. Follow the Windows Phone configuration wizard, then reboot your phone again (just a simple reboot).
And “voilà” ! A HTC HD7 with full memory !!!

Secret Codes of HTC HD 7

Not much secret codes that has been revealed for this HTC HD 7 Unlike HD2. HD2’s Secret code doesn’t really work here at all. But so far I have collected few secret codes on this HD 7 like Field Test and some other unknown secret codes. But the Only Confirmed Secret Code is the Field Test Secret Code.

Field Test Code: ##3282#

Other Secret Codes for HTC HD 7 (Try them at your own risk)

*#61# And *#62# and *#67# are all related to call forwarding, if u replace *# with ## u will receive a succeeded message.
*#76# and *#77# disables service. Not sure what service.
*#21# disables all forwarding capabilities.
*#30# service enabled.
*#31# and *#33# *#35# service disabled.
*#43# service enabled for voice
*#331# and *#332# and *#351#service disabled

Android on HTC HD 7

You will need a few things to be done before this is possible for the HD7. You will need:
– a compatible recovery that will allow flashing an unofficial operating system on your device
– a ROM built specifically for the HD7 hardware that would include the necessary proprietary drivers and compatible kernel
– a root exploit to be found for the HD7 that will allow root access to install a modified recovery module as well as flash a custom OS onto the system partition / mount /system read/write
Hope that clarifies a little for you. I don’t know if anyone is working on this, but IF there is enough demand out there for it, then it’s likely a dev group would give it a shot.


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§ 11 Responses to Windows Phone 7 -HTC HD7: Tech Review & Secrets / Hidden Features

  • Costas D says:

    You’re amazing, thank you very much, helped me to overcome the unique problem of this phone. From Greece you my appreciation. (I opened it by removing only the first 3 screws, no need to open more). Thank you very much! Kostas D.

  • Pradeep says:

    Good briefing ..

  • Anonymous says:

    how i can delete some calls

  • omer says:

    Thanks alot
    I have question can my hd7 keybad write in Arabic language
    And thanks again

  • fahim says:

    hi i m fahim from Afghanistan i think you know some thing there for lead me how to install anderiod system on my hd7 with out any problem

  • Dawn says:

    I HATE this phone…I wish it would drown in a feces-stained toilet. This phone has been nothing but a piece of crap since the day I bought it. If the battery completely discharges, good luck EVER getting it to turn back on or charge. Speaking of “charging”, it doesn’t seem to want to do that, either. HTC=HATES TO CHARGE. I will never–ever–own another HTC phone or a contract with T-Mobile. Ever.

    • Abby says:

      Really? I’ve had my HTC for years and it’s been so good to me. Have you tried getting a new charger? Mine charges fine. I used to have a problem when I was calling where the person at the end of the call wouldn’t hear me but I figured out how to fix that without spending money. But that was about it. Maybe you got a defective phone because mine is FANTASTIC.

  • JustDew says:

    Well you did a good job in uncovering these little tricks and tip for the HD7.

    Could you kindly post anything about transferring files without Zune, perhaps through Bluetooth or the SD Card found inside?

  • honest says:

    Hi, my sister sent me an htc hd7 from uk to south africa, all my local sim cards dont seem to work. can you please help????

  • cino says:

    Pls how do format the factory SDCard I swapped with my new 32gb’ its becoming invisible in other device eg blackberry, Computer, android phones.
    Pls I need help!!

  • cino says:

    Pls how do I format the factory SDCard I swapped with my new 32gb’???
    its becoming invisible in other devices e.g blackberry, Computer, android phones.
    Pls I need help!! Helppppppppp! #crying

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