“Jokes” Apart

February 21, 2011 § 8 Comments

JokesIt’s been almost 4 months I have posted anything in my Blog. II was a regular blogger before and now, I don’t really write that much. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write, it is actually something like, I have too many things to write and I can’t decide what should I write about. Anyways, I think its good to be back online again with my lousy blog post.

Has anyone here been a “Joke” of life? If any, then can you tell me how does it feel when you know that you are a JOKE? You are not really getting what I am saying init? Smile I know it is.

Sometimes, when we say stuffs and there is no one to hear and understand then we actually feel like we are a joke. Again, life gives us some unpredictable moments that turns us to be the worst joke of life. Sometimes, we express ourselves, show our interest, our expression but may be very often it comes out like “hey, why you are just shouting, can’t you there is no one to listen to your bullshitt”. Our own words becomes bullshitt to us by itself. And that time, we really feel like we are a big joke of the world.

Sometimes, we are so technically reminded our existence by our close one, and then, if our existence is not something healthy or happening, then,we know that person reminds us and tells us “hey, you, remember, you are just a joke”. I have faced all these in my life so much enough and now when I feel like I am a joke then I get seriously offended. I closed myself long time back and now I am scared to open up because every time I try to open I become a joke.

I know what is my destiny. A number figure “3” is surrounding my destiny and I know I will have my endeavor  within this number ‘3’. I dream of someone stopping me, but Alas, I am just always encouraged to do that in a way. How funny this world is init. I know, all of you not really understanding about what I am saying. But it’s ok. I write here only because I need to say something and I know it’s not important to understand it all. But someday, probably very soon, all this will be very meaningful  to at least some certain people of my life.

The life always signs me up in a race of destiny. And I know, in this selfish world, it’s hard to find anyone to understand all these facts. It’s the reality. In this world, you are just a joke. Nothing more than that. Just a bad Joke.



§ 8 Responses to “Jokes” Apart

  • Simi Hoque says:

    Nahid, You are a person who doesn’t give a damn about anyone right? But how come you have a post like this. Celebs and playboy like you shouldn’t be like this. Everytime I seen you around, you are just a box of joy and a Honey that attracts the Girls (bees). It doesn’t suit you.

  • Rubel says:

    Dude, When I heard about some of the stories done by your few gfs, I felt quite sad for you. And I also heard the way you delth with it, and i felt pity for them. But Nahid, why you are so devlish? Remember one thing, Just never trust anyone in this World. And i have a question, how come your all the gfs are like the same?? lolz…. is that you play or they play lolz… girls are like that now a days lolz….just use them…thats it…cuz they will just use u…. and whenever you see anything serious they will just pretend to ignore u…will pretend that they are not understanding anything….its like..and specially, bd girls..be carefull about them since u r in bd….becaue they are very good in that.

  • Nameera princess says:

    Hey Nahid,
    Lolz, I though you have a wonderful GF! and I thought she loved you a lot so I am sure she should definitely care if you become a Joke. Hahaha. Sweety, you have to understand things. Now a days rules are different. Lolz. Be Cool.

  • Soul Dance says:

    Believe it or not, your writing made me cry.

  • Shumi Sultana says:

    Nahid! WTF! You are not going to repeat anythign rite??? Nahid, I lost your number! Give me a call. You are not going to repeat anything. Come on! Hwat happened! Talk to me! You just scared the shitt outta me! OMG! If you checking this call me or come on msn.

  • Blister says:

    When life is like a joke, then everything sounds a joke to us.

  • B_____ says:

    Nahid, it’s good to see your post once again. and again, didn’t like the things you wrote. You know me Nahid very well. Come on Nahid. Be Cool Be Ok. You are not a joke a all. But if you feel like that, then, you fix it the way you always fix things. But at least have some peace of mind. I don’t really understand those people around you always show care for you and how come still you have post like these. Doesn’t it mean all those cares are just fake!

  • You guys really know how to write a blog! This was extremely helpful. Thank you vey much.

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