Beautiful Chittagong (Part 1)

November 30, 2010 § 1 Comment


Chittagong – The Business Capital of Bangladesh. It’s also the Port City of Bangladesh with the Longest Beach of the World. One of the most pristine Tourist Destination of Asia as well. Chittagong is a city of mixed culture tradition, natural beauties like hills & tracks, natural sea-beach, islands, ship-yard, one of the Oldest Sea-Port of the Sub-continent and a lot of warm-hearted inhabitants. 

In recent days I have been traveling around the sub-continents and I have come up with a lo of new things with my Still Photography and also Videography. In Fact, I was actually making a Full Length Commercial Film in this city. So, I had the opportunity to go around places of this city. It’s city of Hidden Beauty I assure you. I will not talk much today rather I will show you some flashes and image and videos of this city Chittagong. So enjoy the Ride!

The Chittagong Videography:

First I will show you the Video (kinda documentary) on Chittagong. It’s a very short video and the footages has been taken around the Chittagong City. Definitely, don’t forget to comment please!

Copyright: 2010 NahidRains Pictures! DOP: NahidRains

My Photography on Chittagong:

I have gone into places in Chittagong, mostly around the Chittagong city. And some times I took some really good snap which can represent the Port City Chittagong in a better way. So have a look on the still images and don’t hesitate to download them as well.


This is actually my Ancestor’s house in Chittagong. It’s a very old building and I am really proud to be a member of this Family. It’s royal, it’s classic and it’s very very elegant. DSC00118DSC00136

The Naval Sea-Side of Chittagong. It’s a very common place to hang out in this City. Specially for the Young Generation!DSC00158DSC00171DSC00194DSC00197DSC00199DSC00226DSC00261DSC00267DSC00270DSC00272DSC00275DSC00283DSC00302DSC00313DSC00374

Soon, I will add another blog entry about more images from Chittagong. I have got plenty of them and I need to sort out which one is the best. So until then, keep enjoying it!


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