Good Morning NahidRains!

November 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

Good Morning Sunshine traditionalVery weird title for a blog entry init? Actually, this morning I woke very early. And I was thinking what to do. Then I just realized it is actually a new day for me. I have left a lot of things behind and trying to forget them though I am not able to at all. But still, it’s a new day with old memories and old pains I guess.

Just thinking, 4-5 months back how it was. How was my life and all that. And every time when I think about it, it’s really makes me pissed and angry. You guys must be thinking what happened at that time. Well, nothing special, the usual craps  guess. But in the last 10-months I have been going through so many stuffs.

Anyways, it’s a good morning so lets talk about good stuffs. What can I do today? Well, I am going for few meetings and then thinking to go for shopping a bit and what else? Though I am not going to do blogging for the rest of the time off coarse. But I was actually thinking to put up some my photography in this blog. I received a lot of emails in the past requesting about that but I never did it. I am sorry if I broke anyone’s heart here.

Morning here is not so beautiful. I don’t really enjoy the morning here. In a sense I feel like it’s kind of a ugly thing. But still I am trying to accept it the way. Some times a simple line / sentence can deliver a big meaning. Life changes just like a flash. You never know how. People changes faster than that. The person you say one of your own, can be unknown to you within seconds. You can never guarantee this kind of stuffs at all. Words of human being became very cheap and nobody actually bothers to keep their worlds now a days. it’s not like those days where people die to keep promises. Now people die to break their promises. This world is now full of a lot of common-sense less, humanity less and good-heart less people. For them this world is becoming very ugly and they are making other people’s life ugly. But they don’t have any right to do that. And I am sure, one day mother nature will take the revenge. But yeah, anyways, I am actually not sure what I am writing. But one thing I do know,  I am writing whatever my heart is saying. One very special thing about this blog is, I write every single line here from my heart. I just write following my heart. I don’t care about other stuffs while I am writing here. And end of the day, I might find a very weird blog post but still, these are words of my heart, these are lines of my soul came directly from me.

Anyways, I am gonna have to go now. But I will be back. I will post some of my Latest Short-Films as well in the Short-film department. I hope you will love it. And yes, please don’t forget to comment.

Winking smile


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§ 2 Responses to Good Morning NahidRains!

  • Akhi says:

    Sometimes its good to just follow your heart…

    Enjoy your Day…

  • Pinky says:

    Nahid, you know looking at no one can understand that these heavy words coming out inside from you. But looking at your eyes, it says there are so many things inside you. Your eyes are so special and I swear to God I have never seen such beautiful eyes in my whole life. I am in so much love with your eyes and u know why? Because your eyes tells a lot of mystery! And it’s never ending!

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