The Lines of my Life

November 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

NahidRainsToday, I am going write something unusual. What is it? Actually, these are some lines. Some lines from my life, from my heart, from the softest corner of my mind. These are the lines that were created by me in different situation of my life. So lets get started and don’t get bored please. 🙂

  1. My life has become very cheap but my survival became very expensive. Now my back is aligning to the wall and I can’t go back any further. The only way I can proceed is to go forward.

  2. It’s not how I wanted,
    It’s not how it went blasted,
    It’s not the way you fabricated,
    It’s not the way I celebrated.

    Time went far, so are we.
    But still I ask myself “How are you Nahid?”

  3. You dare to look into my eyes. Because you know you are going to be burn. But you are welcome to see through my eyes

  4. Sometimes, our life is a sum of untold scaffol of hideous emotion. Sometimes the delightful entry of some people brighten our life but sometimes those people make our belief fragile. We get wounded. This wound fades away in times but the scar never goes away. And for me every time I see the scar, I hate it & I hate them. And I might never stop hating them. And my hate often bring disaster

  5. It’s not the way we are, it’s the way we want to be. It’s not always the thing we see, but it’s always about the things we are going to see.

  6. Every morning I lie on your footsteps. Every breath I am with your soul. You every move, moves me on. Your every steps, step me forward. What I am? = I am the Shadow.

  7. I am a flash that holds your breath, I am a wind that blows your dream, I am a magic that makes you stunned but I am a soul that derives your spirit. Be cautious because I am invisible.

  8. I am a fire that burns inside you. I am in iceburg that melts inside you. I am a fear that beats inside you but I am a sun that brighten inside you.

  9. Burning to the ashes of fear, rolling to the dilemma of fortune, I say, you will be chased until you are stopped running.

  10. I am not who I am, I am not what you see, I am not what you hear; but, inside you, I am like an unconsolidated fear! Be Cautious! Because I am unpredictable.


§ One Response to The Lines of my Life

  • Pinky says:

    Wow Nahid, Every single lines are so touchy…so meaningful. You write really well! Very Intense & Profound. Love it and Love you as well. Mwahhhhhh!

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