Bohoman – Promoional Trailer – 2

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Music Video: NahidRains
Music By: Fahim Aziz & Sajid Sarkar

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BOHOMAN – Promotional Trailer

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Music Video: Nahidrains
Music by: Fahim Aziz & Sajid Sarkar

Top 20 Smoking Times!

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SONY DSCI was trying to find out the reasons behind my smoking behavior. Why do I smoke? It is not good for health. Its nothing very testy. Then why do I inhale it? For what reason? I know that I am chain smoker. And I often get surprised how much do I smoke? Why did I start smoking and why I cannot quit it? Why it is so addictive. Well its not going to be a medical explanation rather it will be psychological explanation. Now I will just tell the top 20 times when I smoke.

  1. When I feel lonely I smoke.
  2. When I feel I smoke.
  3. When I go toilet for the _______ I smoke.
  4. When I feel like kissing somebody I smoke.
  5. When I feel I need air I smoke.
  6. When I feel I care I smoke.
  7. When I drive I smoke.
  8. When I Finish my dinner I smoke.
  9. When I finish Lunch I smoke.
  10. When I finish eating anything I smoke.
  11. When I finish my coke I smoke.
  12. When I finish my tea I smoke.
  13. When I take a break from Tennis (!) I smoke (!).
  14. When I use my pc I smoke.
  15. When I finish my Shower I smoke.
  16. When I have a bad dream at night and I wake up I smoke.
  17. When I see another smoker I smoke.
  18. When I finish Groceries I smoke.
  19. When I wake up the first thing I do is I smoke.
  20. When I feel like breathing I smoke.

BOHOMAN – NahidRains Exclusive

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Music Video by NahidRains (Coming Soon)

Title: Bohoman
Music Composer & Mixing: Sajid Sarker
Vocal & Lyrics: Fahim Aziz
Tune: Sajid & Fahim
Released date: 30 April 2009


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