My Best Friend

April 29, 2009 § 3 Comments

NovedToday I am going to tell you about my Bestest mate. His name is Noved. He is like my brother and my bestest friend ever. I love him so much. I miss him a lot too. It’s been many years I saw him. Though we often talk over the phone or the instant messenger but yeah, still, didn’t give him a hug for many years.

We had so much fun and so many good days together. Both of us had 4 more friends with us and they are also our best mates. Imran, Sayeed, Reza and Mosharraf.  But somehow time has changed us a lot and changed the mind of people as well. Now a days, I hardly see those 4 friends missing me. But Noved & me never got apart. We are always together since ages. I know the fact that someday we will be together again.

Noved & me are same age. We always have the same problems and same issues all the time. We are always on the same track of life and we never get apart from that track. Now a days, for both of us, life has become very cheap but our survivals became very expensive. We always talk about fighting the world and winning it and encourage each other but we also know how tough it is. Sometimes, we just pretend that we are happy but apparently we are not. We had so many funny incidents as well. I would like to bring a story about a girl. the first letter of her name was “S” and I know Noved knows her very well. I was the first one who met that girl and later I transferred her over to Noved because she wasn’t my type and I knew that she wasn’t Noved type as well. But Noved continued without seeing her in person and when he saw her, OMG!, it was one of the funniest story I have ever heard. I will tell you that story sometimes when Noved is beside me.

I still remember, in our college, on Exam day, we had Computer Exam, the last exam for the terminal and very important one. As usual, we didn’t have any preparation. We used to be the “Gangsters” of the College and I used to be the “Syndicate Leader”. Noved and Me always colored but nobody could find any proof ever but we spoilt so many kids out there. So, on that exam day, some teachers warned us about some issues that we had been playing around and when they started talking to us, immediately, within 5 seconds, with the contact of our eyes, all if us immediately discard the exam and get out from the exam room. And the whole room full of 100s of students were looking at us. Even the teacher were scared about us on that day. I still crack up with that incident.

We never used to attend class but we used to go college every singe day and we never missed it. Noved’s dad used to drop him every morning and my family car used to drop as well. They used to drop us in front of the School Gate everyday and then we used to wait until the cars got vanished and then we used to start walking the opposite side of the school where there were few shops like Game Arcade or tea Shop. We used to stay there like whole day until class ends. Sometimes, security people used to come from inside the campus to look for us but they could never find us. We were so naughty. Among the whole friend circle, Noved and Me were singles and then we always used to crack up in people’s love story. We used to enjoy looking at girls and flirting with them. As usual, girls always liked us, I think specially me LOLZ. Because Noved is not a player, he is a serious kind of guy about girls.

I still remember there was a time for a big incident in the college, our Chemistry teacher told Noved’s parents that “Nahid is a BAD BOY, and don’t let your son Noved to be mixed up wth Nahid”. His parents were looking for me for information and Noved sent me straight to “Germany” for few weeks but to be honest I was actually in my own house enjoying and cracking up life. But yeah, we used to be great Liars.

We used to call each other after school like 20 times a day and oneday I called Noved’s house and his dad picked up the phone and I eventually asked mistakenly, “Hello there, Its Noved here, Can I speak to Nahid”? His dad was like “Wat da?”. But it was also very funny for us as well.

My mom really likes Noved a lot and she thinks Noved is my only friend who really cares about me. And I always admit that as well. I don’t want any other friend like Noved because I have got Noved as my Best Friend. I didn’t give him a hug for many days, I miss him too much now a days. Both of us in life-trouble now and we are so lonely and we are so far from each other. I wish I can hug him now and can tell him “I love you my bro”. But yeah, I am so unlucky to do that, cannot control my tears as well. But Noved, I love my bro. I love a lot brother. I am so proud that I have a friend like you and I am so proud that you are my bestest freind ever. We will be always together bro. Love you Bro.


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