Against the selfish world

April 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

n719550800_2860197_8347924I often find a lot of people hate me for no reason. Sometimes, I really get surprised. Why do they hate me that much when there is no reason to hate me. I even see people I don’t even know or I never met in my life, they hate me like crazy and do things against me so that I get a little bit of hard time. But why is that for? Is it a envy feeling or they are just sick. I have to idea about that. Just for an Example, “Anti-NahidRains” Facebook Group. I have seen creating group against me in the Facebook and I have seen a lot of members joining them but to be honest I am quite sure they don’t even know me! How come a person can hate another person like that. I find most of the guys in this world kind of hate me. and for girls opposite, they just love me. Is it the main reason why the guys hate me?

I am not sure why girls like me that much, but I am very confused why guy hates me. Sometimes, I get comments on you Youtube or emails in my inbox and I see some guys are really swearing at me for no reason. I find it quite sickening! Another example is a guy called “NAS” who has been tracing me over the youtube and pretended that he is one of my very good fan and finally cracked down with Anti-NahidRains people. That was too funny to take it and irritating as well. But what is the reason behind it.

Few days back, I was in sort of a trouble somewhere around here. And then there was a guy who’s name starts with “J” and calls himself “President” of that particular area, he was advising to all the people around that area for not helping me out by any means. But for why? Why he is so envious? What is his problem. But that person acts with me like he is a very good friend of mine. But I actually can understand and recognize people very well. These types of people always think they are the smartest in the town but they don’t even know, behind all of their smartness they are actually doing something stupid and they are not smart enough to see that. Anyways, that guy was kind of successful as well but I think I am much more smarter than him. These people doesn’t have a good background with their family and was never learnt a good lesson I believe. But yeah, what to do, I feel pity for them and nothing more than that. 

But now, I want to find out why I face this hate-rated for no reason sometimes. So, I asked my friends who are girls and who really like me a lots. And most of them told me almost the same thing “Girls like to too much I guess, that is why guys hate you, simple. Guys always take you as a competitor because they think they are good in everything and they think you will take all of their chances”. But is it true? I never feel it in that way. I am a very calm kind of person and very nice I believe. I treat people very nice and I really mean it when I care. But yeah, the world is a little bit of weird I believe.

But I would like to tell those people who hate me for no reason – Man, be confident and don’t just hate people or dislike people just like that. It makes you sick and it makes your freak. I will continue this story with some more information later in future. For the moment Adios. I have a whole world to fight with now and somebody is waiting for me as well to fight with. Wish me best of luck guys!


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