The last drop of Rain & a Broken Dream

April 16, 2009 § 1 Comment

Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams

How do we feel when we dropped down to the reality from the high peak of our imagination? Why it is that painful? Today, I am feeling the word is so unfair to me. I can’t bear it. I have lost all my patience and power to stand this pain. I am so scared to lose something and I believe the most important thing of m life. I am so scared to lose it. How come a dream can be that important to our lives? Today, my heart is crying so much and I cant show it to anybody, I cant tell anybody why it is crying and I cant tell anybody how painful it is!

I guess, I have just seen the last drop of rain of my life. I don’t think so there will be anymore rain in my life. And the last rain has washed away my last dream as well. Now, I got no dreams no hopes. I am a boat without sail and I got no direction now. I have faced this kind of thing before but this time it went so hard on me. I am feeling so heavy inside me. ow, I am writing my entry in my blog, because I have got noting or nobody to share my pains. And I know nobody even read my blog entries. I just share it with my laptop siting on the bed and typing my pains. What a life?

I am at the bottom line of my life I believe. Sooner or later, I will be over it and I wont have to carry it anymore. But I wont leave my pains behind, I cant do that. Will they follow me anywhere I go? could they be that hard on me?


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  • theshattered says:

    I feel as I may related to you by this post. I feel the same. No words can express. Have my dreams lost me or have I lost them? I live now only for my family and loved ones. After fullfilling the hopes and dreams of my dear ones, I shall pay a trip to God. My life is now worthless. My dream was my shadow, my heart, my expressions and all there is to me. Without anything inside you, your left blank. Once I have made the dreams of my family come through, the only companion of mine will be a gun. Placing it to my forehead, I shall pull the trigger and be free from the emptiness in my life. Today I write this to express what my plans are. As the plans I wished for are shattered, there is only one goal left in life. The pain that deprives my soul of life cannot be understood. Tears are the only form of rain left in my life. I watch as they trickle down my face. Isn’t there an angel to give me back my dreams? From the moment they all vanished, I became shattered.

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