The Final Destruction?

April 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

The Edge of Life

The Edge of Life

Do we know when we stand at the edge of our life? What is that feeling? How we can be so sure about that particular stage of life? No, I am not talking about the death. I am talking about the edge of life. What is the edge of life? I ave got my explanation, what is yours?

I define the edge of life in this way – A small room with four walls, a low roof, no door, a little sealed window with a small hole where you can see a little bit of sky when you are lucky enough to reach the hole, the walls are made of solid thick fat bricks and dark atmosphere. This is what I called the edge of life. What does it mean? It means, your journey of life and time is over. Your backs are aligning to the wall no matter which direction you go because you have only got walls around you. You cant get out of there because it is to solid to break. You have got nobody to communicate with, you have got nobody watching you. Its only you and that empty room. The world has already become smaller for you and that empty room is your world now. How far can you go from there? Not that far. You have got no where to go, you cannot leave that place. Does that mean you are dead? Well, in a way you are because you have got no meaning of life. You don’t laugh or cry there. All you can do is fruiteless thinking and that’s about it.

The edge of life is our Final Destruction. Though we are not physically dead, but the human inside our heart dies. But why I am talking about this? Am I at the edge of my life? Am I facing the final destruction? If am I, then…………I am wordless now.


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