The Canon of Life – Explained

March 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

Recently I have posted a New Music Video in my Youtube, Facebook, My Website ( and in my blog as well. It is called – THE CANON of LIFE.

This music is consist of two guitar. I call it two distinct parts of life. The Sad & The Glad. In this music this two parts of our life fight, argue, compromise and later they destroy each other. They Destroy themselves by making a new life and the new life is so glamourous, colorful and happening that nobody notices the old life is disappearing slowly in the background. They destruction of the two parts of life creates a new path of life, a new part of life but the in the time manner, with glamour and bloom of the new life, the old life is being disappeared.

Thats is how will be the full version of music video and yes, I am going to tell my story there. Please enjoy the Canon of Life trailer for the moment.


§ 2 Responses to The Canon of Life – Explained

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