Canon of Life – NahidRains Exclusive

February 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Canon of Life

The Canon of Life
NahidRains Exclusive!

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Philosophy of life

February 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

Sometimes I really think what is life actually? What is the meaning of existense? Why there has to ne a meaning of life? I asked these questions to different people and I alaways get differemt answers.

Sometimes I start walking in a busy downtown street and I eventually look for something. I am not sure what do I look for. May be I look for a face to giveme the right answer or may be I look for the answer itself. But I never get to know the answer. Is it possible to even find the answer in a street? I have a lot of questions but I don’t have a single answer.

My Last Day in Brisbane, Australia

February 1, 2009 § 3 Comments

Brisbane, Australia – a happening city of Australia. I have been living here for so many years already. So much fun and so much sorrow I had here. I have turned 21 in this city, I have studied for a long time in this city, I have made so many friends in this city, I have got so much love in this city and perhaps I have got so much hate in this city as well.

I still remember the first day of my arrival in Brisbane International Airport. It was many years ago. It was a February month and very hot summer that time. I was coming from a place which was very cold at that time. When I first touched the soil of Brisbane, I had a weired but excited feelings. The first smell of this city stucked my nose. I had chewing gum inside my mouth and I was chewing it. Still I had no ideas how hot it was outside the airport. My Uncle and Auntie was waiting for me at the airport. And they were very excited to see me. I still remember what my cousin CECIL (2)  said when he first saw me. He said in broken Bangla “Tumi Vovat e kore ashcho?” that means did you come here by Airplane. It was so sweet to hear. I didn’t miss my home instantly when I landed at the airport.

When I went to the parking lot outside with them, it was so hot that I couldn’t take it!  The chewing gum melted inside my mouth! I still laugh at that incident. So many years already have passed. So many friends I made. So much fun, so much gain and so much loss. I’ve spent a major time of my life in Brisbane.

Now I am leaving this city with quite a sad vibe and I have decided that I will never come back to this city anymore. I have seen too much in this city already. May be too much of pain as well. But I am also very sad to leave this city. Because I have got so many things of my life for the first time in this City as well. Now I have done my packing already and just waiting for my departure and count downing.

A song of John Denver keeps coming to my head but in a Modified way – “I am leaving on e jet plane and I know I won’t be back again, oh babe, I hate to go……”

Good Bye Brisbane & Good Bye the people of Brisbane, Good bye to all of my friends and and specially those friends whom I made and I always did take as a part of my family and Good Bye to those friend as well who could never made me their close one.

Good Bye Everbody. May be we will meet some other day, in some other part of the world or may be not. I wish everybody will have a better life.

Good Bye

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